The Jewish Clubhouse

This social center offers students a feeling of a family, community, unity and relation. Everything that is important for anyone who is far from home and family. Students participate in various activities - cultural and leisure activities - all year long.


Enrichment Programs

Lectures, study sessions and panels on such subjects as Jewish identity, medicine, Jewish Law - Halacha, and history.  Students get in-depth explanations about the Torah of Israel and its relevance throughout history, in general, and in our times, in particular.


Sabbaths & Holidays 

On Sabbaths, Holidays and special dates in the Jewish calendar, the Center offers festive and traditional meals for the students. Each occasion, the special nature of the day is emphasized and is being explained as to the day's significance.



Recently, the Jewish Centre has undertaken to establish a Mikvah in order to help preserve the family purity of the many students who decide to marry during their studies in Kaunas. The Mikvah is being built under the supervision of Rabbi Gedalia Olshtein.

Cultural events, social activities and lectures

A sampling of recent events



Lighting the Chanukah candle in the Lithuanian winter
Purim Katan

Purim Katan

Purim Katan celebrations at the Jewish center Kaunas
The Festival Succot

The Festival Succot

During the holiday, festive and especially sumptuous meals are held at the Center. During the meals, the students are introduced

The media - from newspaper coverage

Colleagues speak out

"Without the Jewish Center, it is doubtful that I would have returned to Israel. Before, I was not at all as connected to tradition as I am today."

Dr. Arkadiy Bangiev

Medical School graduate 2014

"As for me, The Jewish Center was a place to study, to have enrichment in Judaism and our tradition as a Jewish nation".

Dr. Revital Nassimov

Medical School graduate 2016

"I was surprised to see how I returned to Israel after six years - much more connected to Jewish tradition than I had been when I left Israel."

Dr. Phillip Perlov

Medical School graduate 2014

"This is a warm Israeli-Jewish corner, with a sense of community. When we sat at the end of the third Shabbat meal, our hearts opened."

Sivan Rahav-Meir

Journalist and television/radio manager